Guizhou Transportation

In fact, Guizhou Province is relatively less developed but transportation in the area is not as harsh as recorded on many guidebooks. Kaili City is the center of the comprehensive which has been built to connect almost every village in recent years. There are two options to getting there: one is from North, Take a train to Kaili and change to coach to the mountains villages, the other is from South, take flights or trans to Guilin, and and then coach to these villages. You can appreciate the beautiful scenery on the way, including Longsheng and Sanjiang.

Although almost every village are connected together by the road, the best way to get around is to travel from village to village, and you will gain the joy from it. Because of the limited transport and lack of information, it is really difficult to travel independent. So, you had better hire a car and a tour guide who knows the areas, know the culture and history that behind the villages. In fact, it is a good solution.

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