Zhejiang Climate

With a monsoon season, temperate weather, the climate in Zhejiang Province has abundant sunshine and rainfall, humidity and typhoons. The average annual temperature of Zhejiang Province is about 18°C (64 °F), with an average July temperature of 27-30°C (81-86 °F), and an average January temperature of 2-8°C (36-46 °F). The annual average rainfall of the province is about 1000mm to 1900mm, and its annual average sunshine time is about 1710 hours to 2100 hours.

The best time for visit Zhejiang is April and May. Meiyu Season (or Plum Rain Season, when rainy days are prolonged) is from the end of June to early July. So, umbrella and raincoats are important during this period. September and October feature excellent weather when clear skies and refreshing air can be enjoyed almost every day. As for winter, since most places are not equipped with heating systems, the winter in the Zhejiang Province is really cold. If you choose this period to travel, please take enough clothes.

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