Zhejiang Food

As one of the eight famous culinary schools in China, Zhejiang cuisine wins its reputation for freshness, tenderness, softness, and smoothness of its dishes with mellow fragrance. Zhejiang cuisine specializes in quick-frying, stir-frying, deep-frying, simmering and steaming, obtaining the natural flavor and taste. Special care is taken in the cooking process to make the food fresh, crispy and tender.

Zhejiang Cuisine consists of the specialties of Hangzhou, Ningbo and Shaoxing in Zhejiang Province, among them the Hangzhou cuisine is the most famous one.

Hangzhou cuisine is well known for its elaborate preparation and varying techniques of cooking, such as sauteing, stewing, and stir- and deep-frying. Hangzhou food tastes fresh and crisp, varying with the change of season. While Ningbo food is a bit salty, specializing in steamed, roasted and braised seafood. Besides, Ningbo cuisine is particular in retaining the original freshness, tenderness and softness. Shaoxing cuisine is well known for its special rural flavor, sweet in smell, soft and glutinous in taste, thick in gravy and strong in season. The meat supplies come from the fresh aquatic food and poultry.

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