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China Winter Holiday-----ONLY A CLICK AWAY!

Want to experience China this winter with an absolute favorable price? Lead To China can make this dream come true. In this winter, we will offer 5% discount for the clients who would like to visit China from Nov 16, 2012 to Feb 28, 2013.

Avoiding the crowds of tourists that are generally associated with the peak periods of spring and autumn, why don’t you explore China in this Winter?

Best Distinations For China Winter Holiday
Ice Lantern Festival ---Harbin At the Ice City, see the splendid ice carvings, ice lanterns, ski in ski resort, and join the Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival, which is held annually in January, lasting around a month.
Chinese New Year Exploration---Beijing The 2013 Spring Festival falls on February 10, 2013. Winter is also the best time to visit the Forbidden City. Covered in snow, the majesty of this grand palace is rather enhanced, and becomes more awe-inspiring. So is the Great Wall, where should not be missed in your winter vacation of China. Also during this festival, the largest Ditan Temple Fair, is held in Beijing. The 28th Ditan Temple Fair will be held from February 9 to February 15, 2013.
Ethnic Minority Culture---Yunnan Yunnan province is one of China's hidden treasures with a huge population of ethnic minorities. Dali is an old town on a beautiful mountain lake where you can stroll the shoreline and explore the alleyways of the village. Lijiang Old Town, more than 800 years old, is the home of the ancient Naxi Dongba culture. Its architecture is unique with an elaborate and orderly canal system winding along the alley paths of the town. Shangri-La is an enclave of Tibetan Buddhist culture and spectacular scenery.
Warm Winter Location---Hong Kong Enjoy a fine winter in Hong Kong. No typhoon or freezing weather to worry about, during the Christmas holiday, the local people go all out with their decorations, the colours and tinsel are just mesmerizing, they attend the amazing "Winterfest" and taste crazy shopping there, may you join in? We recommend a Hongkong winter tours for you.
Mountain Snowscape---Yellow Mountain (Mt. Huangshan) At one of the most stunning mountains of China, see the four wonders – ancient pines, bizarre rocks, seas of clouds, and hot springs, and see the sunrise. When the snow settles on all these, the real charm of Mt.Huangshan emerges.
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