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Tag: Yangtze River, Asian Longest River, Global Village, The Most Beautiful China City, Li River
Highlights: Yangtze River Cruise, Li River Cruise, West Street, Longsheng Terraced Fields
Recommended Tour Packages:
> 6 Days Guilin,Yangshuo and Longsheng Private Tour
> 6 Days Guilin Yangtze Cruise Tour
Tag: Classic China, Soul and Heart of China, Royal Culture, Biggest Royal Summer Resort, Fake Potala Palace, Exotic Feelings
Highlights: Forbidden City, Great Wall,Summer Palace, Eight Outers, Chengde Summer Resort
Recommended Tour Packages:
> 4 Days Best Beijing Private Tours
> 6 Days Summer Beijing Chengde Tour
Tag: China Most Beautiful Mountain, Magnificent Cloud of Sea, Elegant West Lake, Historical Legend, China Silk
Highlights: Mount Huangshan, Hongcun, She County, West Lake, Six Harmonious Pagoda
Recommended Tour Packages:
> 2 Days Hangzhou Highlights Private Tour
> 5 Days Huangshan and Hangzhou Tour
Tag: World Known Terracotta Warriors, Capital of 13 Ancient Dynasties, China Most Precipitous Mountain, Soul-stirring Climbing Experience
Highlights: Terracotta Warriors, City Wall, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Famen Temple, Mount Hua
Recommended Tour Packages:
> 4 Days Private Xian Tour
> 4 Days Xian Side Tour to Mount Huashan
Tag: Capital of Summer Resort, First National Forest City, 30 Ethnic Minorities Culture, Unqiue Mountain, Water, Forest and Cave Natural Scenery.
Highlights: Huangguoshu Waterfall, Qingman Short-skirt Miao Village, Shidong Ancient Town, Jiaxiu Tower, Qingyan Ancient Town
Recommended Tour Packages:
> 6 Days Standard Discovery Tour of Miao Minority
> 9 Days Guizhou Ethnic Minorities Budget Tour
In China, a vast land spanning many degrees of latitude with
complicated terrain, climate varies radically. During the summer dates
from May through to August, the highest temperatures in August can
exceed 40 C (104 F) in Central China; while in Southern China, there is a typhoon season between July and September, where temperatures can rise to around 38C; in Northwest China, the desert regions refer to as the "hottest place in China" with maximum temperatures of around 47c.
1. Wear sunglasses, sunhat, avoid direct solar radiation
2. Coat your bare skin with sunscreen, suntan cream, which could reduce sunburn and
    ultraviolet radiation
3. Wear light-colored clothes, such as white. It absorbs heat slowly, and dissipate
    heat quickly. The black clothes wear hot and dissipate heat rather slowly.
4. Drink more salty water or wash your body with salt to keep good spirit).
5. With heatstroke drugs in case of getting sunstroke. If someone catch it, you can help
    them immediately.
6. Carry some drugs for preventing mosquito, insects bite. While touring in nature,
    please listen to the instruction of your tour guide.
7. While in Southern China, there is a typhoon and rainstorm season between July and
    September, Please pay attention to the weather forecast.
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