Hainan Facts

Hainan ( literal meaning: "South of the Sea") is the smallest and southernmost province of the People's Republic of China, which consists of some two hundred islands. The biggest island, Hainan Island (Hainan Dao) occupies 97% of its land. With an area of 33,920 square kilometers, the Hainan Island is located in the South China Sea and separated from Guangdong's Leizhou Peninsula to the north by the shallow and narrow Qiongzhou Strait. Originally Hainan was a part of Guangdong province until 1988.

There are a total of eight major cities and ten counties in Hainan, among them; Haikou on the northern coast is the capital whilst Sanya is a well-known tourist destination on the south coast.

The size of Hainan is comparable to the size of Belgium. However, in China, it is the second largest island in China, since China consider the Taiwan (35,980 square kilometers) is it’s an integral part of its territory. To the west of Hainan is the Gulf of Tonkin. Wuzhi Mountain (1,876 m) is the highest mountain on the island.

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