Five Bars on the Roof of the World

Post Date: Aug 10th, 2011

1. Makye ame
Barkhor Street is definitely a must-see in Tibet tour, Makye ame, a normal restaurant on the southeast corner of Barkhor Street, no difference from other Tibetan restaurant in terms of the outside appearance, the highlight of it lies in the wooden sculpture hung on the door. Is she the prototype of Makye ame? The sculpture is peculiar, simple but creative, which make us cannot help thinking that there must be sth. hidden in the deep heart of the girl.

2. Ganglamedo
Bars in Tibet have sth. in common with the inland China, they boast beauties, cate and good wine, the only difference lies in that they are full of "Lhasa Mood", those who ever go there can fully experience.

Ganglamedo is Tibetan word, which means snow lotus. All the walls are hung with oil paintings and pics themed by Tibetan characteristics, which are also used as commodities, making the bar completely an area full of Tibetan culture.

3. Travellers' Bar (Lvxingzhe Bar)
It is not of large area, so even 20-30 persons can make it quite boisterous. There are two rooms insi classical wooden handrails by the two sides of the stairs to the rooms.

It is a little bit dim in the bar, suffused with the flavour of barley wine (worthy to have a taste).

4. Backpackers' Bar
The bar lies right on Beijing Central Road, run by two inlanders who love Tibet much. Special cuisine here is Tibetan beef pastry, ordered two pastries with a bowl of soup will only cost 8 yuan and quite delicious, I almost forget to mention that yoghourt (5 yuan/bowl), you have to get some to taste, soooooo nice.

There is another interesting item here: they admit voluntary workers, for those who have enough time while have not much money or have no much business to do, to be a voluntary worker is ideal, though paying no salary, you can enjoy two free meals there and talk with customers, enjoy the sunshine, attractive? A guest book on the wall can satisfy your desire to leave sth. in Tibet.

It is the most ideal one for one's China travel package in Tibet, in my eyes.

5. Dunya Bar
Almost every foreign friends to Tibet know Dunya Bar, for its name right means "the whole world", the boss the Fred really leave their footmark on the whole planet, and at last, they chose to stay in Tibet and opened such a bar.

The bar is of both Western and Tibetan style, the iron chairs are ordered from Chengdu and many decoration items are transported from Nepal. All in all, they saved no effort to make the bar an ideal place to their dream.

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