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Post Date: Jul 28th, 2011

1. Tibet
Reason: It is a sacred place, if visit Tibet with a girl, you'll never forget her. ( It is coincident that Tibet is also listed as one of the best dating sites for women, so don't hesitate more, it is right the place for commemorating your love affection and also the first place in my mind when going China tour.)

2.Taj Mahal
Reason: The king married only one wife in his lifetime and built for her the only mausoleum in the world, when he was put in jail by his son, he said :" you can take the throne away, but please leave me a window to look at your mother's tomb".

3. Nepal
Reason: Quite a few monks feel happy for their ascetic practices here, it is the nearest paradise contained in suffering.

4. Desert in Central Australia
Reason: Yes, what I recommend today is not Sidney and not the Golden Beach, but the desert in Central Australia. Ridding a camel to cover 400 km was once listed as the top 1 among 25 global exciting tourist activities by National Geographic Magazine.

Reason: It is not the key issue that whether it is the paradise of seawater, but it does important that it is of the slowest pace of the whole world.

6. Jerusalem
Reason: 1,000,000,000 Christian, 600,000,000 Moslem, 10,000,000 Judaism all regarded it as the Holy City, even you are 1/1,100,000,000 Buddhist, you will also be attracted by this city, though it is no more than several sq. km.

7. Cuba
Reason: It is a land to experience miscegenation culture: vehement, clean-cut and pure. Meanwhile, it is also for three steel-willed men: Hemingway, Guevara and Castro.

Reason: Only the name Colosseum may make you emotions surging. Cesar--reputed by historians as " A Real Man" lay here. Rome is indeed a masculine city.

9. Venezuela
It is a paradise producing beauties.

Which one do you want to go the most? Go the Tibet with your girlfriend? To Taj Mahal to guard your love affection? To the desert to show your masculine power? To Nepal to experience the ascetic practices or to Venezuela to come across your godness?  

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