My Affection to Hulunbeier Grassland

Post Date: Aug 09th, 2011

Hulunbeier is one of the six national scenic spots and it is also the one of the richest ecosystem level in Inner Mongolia.

This grassland is rich in tourist resources, including the Hulunbeier grassland, dense forest represented by Greater Khingan Mountains, numerous lakes represented by Hulun Lake, the "Gaxian Cave" of Xianbei nationality, the historical sites of ancient town in Heishantou, human skull fossil of Jalainur, what's more, it is right border on Russia and Mongolia giving rise to peculiar views and customs.

The best time to go a Hulunbeier visit is from May to August, during this period of time, the average temperature is around 13-28 C, neither too cold nor to cold, suitable for a China tour package. When it goes to September, the temperature will obviously goes down, all around the year, Hulunbeier is covered by white snow for almost five monthes, the lowest temperature can reach -40 C, though it is cold then, also lots of tourists would like to go there for enjoying the particular snow-white view, and also, ice sculpture, skiing and some other activities are heatedly held here.

The folks in Inner Mongolia are quite warm, they would prepare much food and wine in case that you cannot eat your fill.


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