The Best Tourist Destinations in Autumn China

Post Date: Sep 25th, 2015

Fall is an intoxicating season with cool weather, clear sky and brilliant shows of various colors. The leaves show their rich and vibrant hues with colors changing from bright yellows to flaming reds. Here are some best tourist scenic spots for sightseeing in autumn.

No.1 Beijing: Climb Badaling Great Wall to enjoy colored mountains

In autumn Beijing, it is not very hot like summer or freezing cold like winter, but the best season for sightseeing. From October, red leaves in Badaling have come to the best watching period. Walking along the ramparts you can see a long, continuous line of red and yellow. Standing on the top of Badaling, you can see the mountains on both sides changing slowly from the colors of green, red and yellow to magnificent red color all over the mountains with the lofty Great Wall winding among them, which can show its spectacularity clearly. At this time, going with your friends to climb the Great Wall, view the mountains, walk through the red-leave forest and enjoy the special autumn colors can be the most pleasant thing.  Recommended tour: One-Day Badaling Great Wall & Summer Palace Tour

No.2 Yellow Mountain: A fabulous show of colors each autumn

It is a good choice to visit Yellow Mountain in autumn to view the earliest autumn scenery, climb the most beautiful valley, watch the most exotic sea of clouds and see the wonderful sunrise as the charm and vigor of the mountain all the year round all gathered in autumn.

The West Grand Canyon is the best spot to show Huangshan’s typicality, stimulation, attractions and shocks. It highly presents the nature’s extraordinary workmanship and the magnificent mountains and rivers of China. Also, it has been just ten years since the development of West Grand Canyon which is open from April 1 to November 30 every year so many visitors pay much attention to it. Recommended tour: 3 Days Huangshan Tour from Shanghai by Flight

No.3 Zhangjiajie: China’s most popular autumn view

The exotic peak forest landscape and spectacular Karst landscape in Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan are greatly admired by people. It seems like a fairy wonderland when you step in the park. And autumn is the best season to climb the mountains for a look at colored leaves. When in autumn Zhangjiajie, the sky is clear, the air is crisp, the cloud and the atmospheric pressure are well suited. The scene in the mountains and peaks presents rich sense of hierarchy as majestic as an oil painting. Colorful trees all over the mountains make the stone peaks of Tianzi Mountain, Yuanjiajie, Huangshi Village, Yangjiajie and Yaozi Village exceedingly fascinating and charming. Every day thousands of tourists from home and abroad come here for sightseeing and photography. Recommended tour: 4 Days Classic Zhangjiajie Tours

No.4 Jiuzhaigou: Fairytale of autumn

Autumn is the brightest season in Jiuzhaigou with most abundant variety of colors. Numerous, different sized lakes, ponds, and waterfalls display a dream combination of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. The brilliant colored leaves and forests reflected in the gorgeous lakes, adding radiance and beauty to each other like a fairytale world.

When it comes to autumn, Jiuzhai Valley becomes like a colorized sea. Stepping in the gate of the mountain, you will feel like you are just in a large colored world. From the bottom of the valley to the top of the mountain, it is about 3000 meters high. Five vegetation zones are distributed here with thousands of colorful leaves and trees covering an area of 700 square kilometers.

In the morning sunshine, the Luweihai shakes the clear and multicolored lake as if it was telling an old story. The Mirror Sea is like a mirror and it’s the best time to deck out itself in such a splendid season. Recommended tour: 6 Days Chengdu Side Trip to Fairy Jiuzhaigou

No.5 Datong: The Hanging Temple

Datong has been one of the most important cities in north China in history. The remaining historic sites and arts are precious treasures in human history. It is suggested to travel in Datong for two days as you will have plenty of time to visit different scenic spots: Heng Mountain, Hanging Temple, Yingxian Wood Tower, etc. From mid October to mid November is the best time for visiting because the scenic zone will not be very crowded and you needn’t to wait in line for a long time. Recommended tour: 2 Days Beijing to Datong Tour by Private Car

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