Top 4 Chinese Gardens

Post Date: Aug 26th, 2011

When talk about Chinese gardens, gardens in Beijing are most well-known for foreign friends, while Chinese Jiangnan gardens are more famous at home.

Top 4 Chinese gardens include gardens both in North China and also those in South China, namely: the Summer Palace (Yihe Yuan in Chinese);  Emperor Kangxi's Summer Mountain Resort in Chengde (Chengde Bishu Shanzhuang in Chinese); Humble Administrator’s Garden (Zhuozheng Yuan in Chinese) and Liu Garden (Liu Yuan)

1.the Summer Palace: Beijingalt

2. Summer Mountain Resort in Chengde: Chengde, Hebei Province


3.Liu Garden: Suzhou, Jiangsu Province


4. Humble Administrator’s Garden: Suzhou, Jiangsu Province

It is easy to find that gardens in North China and South China are in different, those in north are more magnificent and grand, while those in South China are much more gentle and soft, however, they share one similarity that all of them pay special attention to the construction of buildings, those designers would spend much time in make a blueprint to make sure that from every point, the garden can display its charm.

As for me, I am used to soft South China gardens, and I am interested to see sth. different--the magnificent style gardens in North China. If you are planning for a China visit, you can put all these wonderful gardens in your list, they indeed worth a tour, and esp, if you are interested in South China gardens, you can go to Suzhou--a paradise on the earth.

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