Top 5 China Freshwater Lakes

Post Date: May 10th, 2011

1.Poyang Lake
Poyang Lake is the largest fresh-water lake in China, covering an area of 3960 kilometers. After quite a lot geological changes, Poyang Lake is now in a shape wide in the south and narrow in the north, like a huge gourd tied on the waist of the Yangtze River. For thousands of years, Poyang Lake has been nurturing the people in Jiangxi Province as well as appealing  numerous tourists with its charm.

With its blue waves that seem to connect with the horizon, looking out over the Lake is much like standing on the shore and looking out over an ocean. Rafts float along one after another like a big moving dragon; sailboats on the lake dart back and forth, appearing to joust with the billowing clouds. Rich in aquatic plants, Poyang lake creates a hospitable environment for many rare species of freshwater fish. At the same time, various rare birds are appealed to the lake, making it a popular destination for birdwatchers.

Location: Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province

2.Dongting Lake
Dongting Lake is a large, shallow lake situated in northeastern Hunan Province, covering an area of 2740 square kilomaters. As a flood-basin of the Yangtze River, the size of the lake greatly relies on the season. Dongting Lake is well-known in Chinese culture for it is the place of origin of Dragon boat racing and it is the home to the Finless Porpoise, which is endangered in China.

Location: northeastern Hunan Province

3.Taihu Lake
Taihu Lake is the third largest freshwater lake in China, it is a large lake in the Yangtze Delta plain, occupying a total area of 2,250 km and an average depth of 2 metres. The lake houses about 90 islands, different in sizes, which range from a few square meters to several square miles. It is linked to the renowned Grand Canal, moveover, it is also the origin for a number of rivers, like Suzhou Creek.

Location: Jiangsu Province

4.Hongze Lake
Hongze lake is encompassed by the prefecture-level cities Suqian (Sihong County and Siyang County) and Huai'an (Xuyi County and Hongze County), with a total area of 1851 square kilometers. It is the fourth largest freshwater lake in China. Since 12th century, Hongze Lake has quadrupled its size when the Yellow River changed its course. Heavy flood from the Yellow River blocked the course of the Huai River and diverted water from the Huai toward the lake.

Location: Jiangsu Province

5.Chao Lake
Chao Lake ranks the fifth largest fresh-water lakes in China, it is named for resembling to a bird's nest. Occupying an area of 753 square kilometers (290 square miles), the lake is dotted with quite a lot tourist attractions, like Laoshan Island, Zhongmiao Temple, three famous hot springs, namely Bantang, Tang Pool and Fragrant Spring and four national forest parks as well as five water-eroded caves.

Location: in the middle of Anhui Province

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