2018 Homeland Tour to China Xiangyin CWI

Travel Date: Apr 19th, 2018

On the morning of April 19th, Kim's family of four accompanied by our guide came to the Xiangyin CWI, where was the place their eldest daughter Kyra (Luo Yaxin) had lived.

The CWI staff gave a very warm welcome to them. There, Kyra met the nanny who took care of her. Nanny also called to remembrance the details of the little girl in the past, which made the adoptive family very grateful.

Then the CWI staff took out Kyra’s files and led the family to visit the orphanage environment.

Towards the end of the visit, the director of the CWI responsible for processing their adoption of that year got here as well. They were engaged in a friendly conversation and the atmosphere was very warm.

After the return trip to Xiangyin orphanage, the family visited some famous places in Changsha like Yuelu Academy & Yuelu Academy.

Based in China, LTC keep strong ties with the Chinese Government and Social Welfare Institutes throughout China. If you want to make a return trip to Yueyang You will:

  • Visit the orphanage and finding site
  • Meet the nanny or foster family
  • Experience local highlights and culture
  • Get the first hand price from local agency

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