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Based in China, Lead to China have managed to help hundreds of families with adopted children find their way back to China. We are experienced, professional, but most of all, we care.

  • We know what you want

    Planning a heritage tour for whole family can be a real challenge: so many details need to be considered. Lucky you don't have to. With the expertise of our sophisticated travel consultants, all we need is your idea, and we will take it from there.
  • We know what we are doing

    Locating in china really yield us many advantages. Huge government recourses guarantee the access to visit almost all the SWI in China. Having devoted in China homeland tour for near a decade is what makes us sound and reliable. We commit to make a suitable and memorable tour for every child and their families; you can join a group with other families like you, or have an intimate journey with only your loved ones.
  • What we know is more

    We know how important this tour means to you, so we think more and focus on every detail to make this tour unique no matter how small it looks like: the hotel you used to stay on your last visit, the orphanage visit, the very spot where your child was found...and various interesting activities we elaborately arranged for our children to experience the beauty, culture and history of china. We all have loved ones, that's why we care.

Latest Travel Stories

A Return Trip to China After 21 Years

A year earlier, Christine was busy planning a China Return Tour for her family of 3. As we could see from her email, the mother had a very clear plan. She hoped to bring the child to experience the China's essence part. The itinerary began from Beijin...

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A French Adoptive Familiy Visit to The Gaoyou CWI

On the morning of May 7th 2018, the Gaoyou CWI welcomed five French guests: Nathalie, Gilles and their three children, the eldest daughter Lilou of whom just came from the CWI. The Nathalie family are living in China now. Gaoyou is only 3-hour’s drive f...

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A Heritage Tour to China with Guangzhou Orphanage

On April 11th, with airplane landing at the Beijing Capital International Airport, Kim and her husband Craig brought two children back to China, the birth country of children, and would begin a 18-day China heritage tour.On this tour, the adoptive family ...

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Return to Birthplace

What can be expectations from a homeland tour to China? To make China "real" for children, to find out more information from the orphanage about children's abandonment and/or pre-adoption lives, and to meet the nanny who took care of your child as a baby? All these themes can be offered during a return trip with us. Start now and find your child's orphanage from the provinces below for details.

Small Groups to Join

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2018 Summer Heritage Tour

Book Earlier to Save More
Departure: June 8th,16th & 28th 2018

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2018 Spring Heritage Tour

Beijing-Xi’an-Guilin-Yangshuo-Birth City
$1650 for Adult, $1350 for Child (<12)
Departure: March/April, 2018 (CLOSED)

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Exciting Travel Activities

Watch a Kungfu Show

You can watch this performance in Red Theatre of Beijing. It costs about 70 mins, told a beautiful story about a young boy who dreams of becoming a Kung Fu master and attain enlightenment,. Well choreographed musical with stunt Kung Fu performance make the show world-famous. Your family will enjoy it.

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Makeup for the Sichuan Opera

Sichuan Opera performances are always full of wit, humor, lively dialogues, and pronounced local flavors. To portray special characters, the opera incorporates a series of stunts, including the famous "face-changing." After watching the Sichuan Opera, you will have a chance to be maked up as the performer. It will be a fun way ...

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Visit the Giant Panda

Visit the home of giant pandas at Panda Breeding and Research Center, in the outskirts of Chengdu. Visit the nursery to see the highly successful breeding program, among the bamboo groves and shady walkways, and to view the pandas at rest or play. There is a panda museum where you can learn some information about giant pandas...

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