Useful Articles for Your China Return Trip

You may be interested in reading the following before you go to China. We aim to provide important, up-to-date information for adoptive families to help you get the most out of your China experience.

FAQs on 2022 LTC Heritage Tours

Q: Why travel with Lead to China?A: Lead to China is the leading China-based heritage tour operator since 2008.  We are uniquely qualified to offer a special homeland experience for you and your family. Unlike other travel agencies would ar...Read more

Return Visit Guide for Hubei Families

Hubei is a Central Chinese province and enjoys a long history. Its capital, Wuhan, is located in the southeastern part of the province. Like much of central China, Hubei is better known for its industrial belt rather than the searing beauty of i...Read more

China Public Holiday Calendar 2019

In China, there are public holidays on 7 legal festivals in a year, namely New Year's Day, Chinese New Year (Spring Festival), Qingming Festival, May Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, and National Day. During these holidays, th...Read more

What Does The Chinese New Year Mean To Kids?

For children, the Chinese New Year is a holiday they are most looking forward to. They are not only counting down the days on their fingers, but even on their toes, just hoping this day will come soon. Usually, children will prompt an immediate ...Read more

How Much to Give The Red Envelopes?

Giving Red envelopes is one of the most recognized traditions that are observed during the Chinese New Year. Red envelopes are cash gifts that are given by senior family members to their junior relations, and can range from a few dollars to quit...Read more

What Does The Chinese New Year Mean To Young People?

7 Fun Facts About Chinese New Year for Young People 1.Year-end bonus At the end of each lunar year, The employers will give employees a certain amount of year-end bonus to affirm their hard work of last year.2. The Longest Public Holiday Most em...Read more

How to Celebrate Chinese New Year for Adoptive Families?

Why We Should Celebrate it?When being adopted from China, children are usually at a very young age. The moment we indulged in our excitement, it also meant that children were took away from their birth country and rich culture.  As children...Read more

A symbolic sign of Chinese handicraft art: YuXian Paper-cut

The traditional paper-cut of Yuxian (a county in northern China's Hebei Province) is renowned at home and abroad. Yuxian's paper-cuts, originated from the Ming Dynasty, has its unique craftsmanship among all variety of Chinese paper-cutt...Read more

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