Zhangye Tours

Zhangye is a famous historical and cultural city in China with profound cultural background and many historic sites. The highlights of Zhangye tour is the Rainbow Mountain with an area of 529 square kilometers, of which the color hilly area is about 50 square kilometers. We are offering 1-5 days Zhangye landform park tour with best price. These trip ideas are designed by our specialists, who've travelled the routes themselves and have a guidebook-like knowledge of Zhangye.

3 Days Photography Tour to Zhangye Danxia Landform

Destinations: Zhangye, Rainbow Mountain, Zhangye

This tour is designed especially for photography lovers. You can stay as long as you like in the Zhangye Danxia Geopark and take pictures of the sunset. The best time to see it is in the late afternoon/evening as the sun is setting. Blues, reds and gol...

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4 Days to China Rainbow Mountains in Zhangye

Destinations: Zhangye

Zhangye Danxia Landform Areas (China Rainbow Mountains) are magnificent with gorgeous colors, which developed at about 200 million years ago, from the Jurassic to Tertiary.

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Trip Notes

1、What's China Rainbow Mountain ?

Zhangye Danxia is also known as the Rainbow Mountain with an area of 529 square kilometers, of which the color hilly area is about 50 square kilometers. Zhangye Danxia landform is China's only Danxia landform in high recombination with color hilly landscape. It is odd and special for hierarchical scattered levels, steep cliffs, rich forms, amazing colors, with a high ornamental value and important scientific value. It enjoys the honors of " China's top seven most beautiful Danxia landforms", "China's top seven most beautiful exotic landforms" and the "the world's top ten magical geographical wonders", and is a best place for tourism, painting, photography and science education.

The price of the entrance ticket is 40 Yuan (It may rise to 80 Yuan since 2016). And the price for the sightseeing bus is 20 Yuan. The time for ticket selling in high season is 06:00-18:00 (The closing time is around 21:00 in the evening.). The selling time in low season is: 08:00-17:30. There are two entrances in the park: entrance in Linze County (the west entrance) and entrance in Sunan County (the east entrance). We suggest you to go from the west entrance as it is more convenient for accommodation and transportation.

2、How to get to Zhangye Danxia ?

You can arrive in Zhangye airport directly by flight but the flights are few here. Besides, these flights are also used as military airport. Another way to Zhangye is flying to Lanzhou or Xining and then take train to Zhangye city.

Since Zhangye Danxia Landform is located in Linze County and is 40 kilometers from the city. You are suggested to take private vehicle to stay enough time there.

3、What is the best time to visit Zhangye Danxia?

June to September of each year is Zhangye's summer with cool weather and rich water. It is not cold to watch the sunrise or sunset in Zhangye, so summer and fall are the best season to travel the Rainbow Mountain China. While in winter, the weather becomes windy, cold and dry. Thus it is not suitable for sightseeing. The sunny days after the rain will make the color of Danxia brighter and it is the best weather to visit Rainbow Mountain China.