Huangshan Tours

Huangshan tours is highly recommended for China city tours.  Here we offer you various Huangshan tour packages to the Yellow Mountain and Hongcun Old Town, Tunxi Old Street etc. From these Huangshan travel, you will get enough scope to explore the culture, tradition and lifestyle of Huangshan city and China Hui Culture. You may also tailor-made Huangshan and her side trips to Hangzhou, Wuyuan, Shanghai and so on.

2 Days Yellow Mountain Essential Tour

Destinations: Mt. Huangshan

This Huangshan 2 day tour will take you to visit the highlights of Huangshan mountain and you will stay overnight on the mountain top to enjoy sunset and sunrise. Then take a walk along Tunxi Old Street, where traditional old shop buildings line the at...

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3 Days Yellow Mountain Hiking Tour

Destinations: Huangshan

Combined with the features of Huangshan, this tour is specially designed for mountain hikers. From this three-day trip, you will have the opportunity to experience the highest peak of Huangshan, pine trees with various shapes, and, if weather permits, ...

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3 Days Mt. Huangshan and Hongcun Village Tour

Destinations: Yellow Mountain, Hongcun Village

This tour is suitable for almost all visitors who come to Huangshan for the first time. You can fully experience the 2 World Heritage Sites in Huangshan: Yellow Mountain and Hongcun Ancient Village in this 3-day tours. Our tour guide, who climbs Huangs...

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3 Days Huangshan Huizhou Culture Experience Tour

Destinations: Tunxi, Xiuning County, Shexian County

Huangshan City, formerly known as Huizhou Prefecture, also known as Xin'an in ancient times, has a long history with many celebrities. Huizhou merchants advocated Confucianism, dominating state business as long as 300 years during the Ming and Qing dyn...

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4 Days Huangshan Cycling Tour

Destinations: Tunxi, Yixian County

Cycling is a healthy and natural way of sports travel, in which you can fully enjoy the sense of beauty during the travelling process. It’s a simple and environmentally friendly sport and you just need a bicycle, a backpack, riding clothes, riding helm...

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4 Days Huangshan & Huizhou Culture Tour

Destinations: Tunxi, Yellow Mountain, Tangmo, Chengkan, Tunxi

From this 4 day tour in Huangshan, you will enjoy the most beautiful scenery of Mt.Huangshan and discover the ancient Huizhou culture in Shexian area which is the renowned historical cradle of Huizhou culture. Get a real feel for the ancient architectu...

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4 Days Hiking Tour to Huangshan Village

Destinations: Tunxi, Yixian County, Shexian County

Hiking is a kind of physical and mental exercise as well as a way of rural retreat. In Huangshan City, there are both ancient post ways left and some newly developed hiking paths as well. Hereon, we selected the Xidi—Hongcun Ancient Pathway in Yixian C...

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5 Days Yellow Mountain Hiking Tour

Destinations: Huangshan

For those mountain-climbing lovers Mt. Huangshan is one of the best destinations in China, for it provides not only fabulous scenery, which has inspired Chinese artists for generations, but also challenging trails for hiking. Only after this memorable ...

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6 Days Huangshan Photography Tour

Destinations: Huangshan

With the very rich in tourism resources, Huangshan is known as a paradise for photographers and photography enthusiasts. Accompanied by an English-speaking guide and a professional photography guide in Huangshan, you can concentrate on photography and ...

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3 Days Huangshan Tour from Shanghai by Bus

Destinations: Shanghai, Huangshan, Shanghai

There are public buses running between Shanghai and Huangshan every day. A bus tour is a good choice if you travel independently, do not get a train ticket or want to save money.

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5 Days Huangshan and Hangzhou Tour

Destinations: Huangshan, Hangzhou

"The King of All the Mountains"-Huangshan,Paradise on Earth-Hangzhou,The Most Famous Lake in China-West Lake,You are certain to get Lifelong China Tour Memory

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3 Days Huangshan Highligts Tour from Beijing by Flight

Destinations: Beijing, Huangshan, Beijing

The King of All the Mountains-Huangshan,The Village in Chinese Pantings-Hongcun Village,The Only Huizhou Culture Theme Museum-Huizhou Culture Museum,Comfortable Transfer Experience with Direct Flight

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5 Days Huangshan & Jiuhua Mountains Tour

Destinations: Mt Huang, Hongcun Village, Mt, Jiuhua

From this 5-day tour, you will experience the two famous mountains located in Anhui Province. One is Huangshan mountain, listed as UNESCO World Heritage which are well known for "Five Wonders" - Odd-shaped Pines, Spectacular Rocky Peaks, Sea of Clouds,...

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7 Days Hangzhou Putuo Huangshan Tour from Shanghai

Destinations: Shanghai, Putuo, Hangzhou, Huangshan, Hangzhou, Shanghai

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10 Days East China Tour with Mount Huang

Destinations: Shanghai, Huangshan, Suzhou, Wuzhen, Hangzhou

September is the right time tour tour around China with modest temperature. To hangzhou, each season has its own beauty, September, Suitable temperature, Sweet-scented osmanthus bloom

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10 Days Eastern China Buddhism Mountains Tour

Destinations: Shanghai, Mt. Putuo, Ningbo, Hangzhou, Qiandao Lake, Huangshan, Mt. Jiuhua

Only One World Lake Heritage of China-West lake,World Natural/Cultural Heritage & No.1 Peculiar Mountain-Mt.Huang,Famous Taoist Mountain & International Buddhism Arena-Jiuhua Mountain,Visiable Competitive Price & VIP Quality Guarantee

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12 Days China Landscape Tour

Destinations: Beijing, Guilin, Shanghai, Huangshan, Shanghai

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12 Days of Selected Picturesque China Tour

Destinations: Shanghai, Huangshan, Hangzhou, Guilin, Yangshuo, Hong Kong

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16 Days China Classic Photography Tour

Destinations: Beijing, Huangshan, Hangzhou, Wuzhen, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Xian, Guilin, Yangshuo, Guilin, Hong Kong

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Trip Notes

1. How to reach Huangshan?
By Flights: There're daily flights between Huangshan and main cities in China, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hefei; There're 2-4 flights per week between Huangshan and some other cities, such as Chengdu, Xi'an,Shenzhen, Xiamen, Qingdao,Kunming,Chongqing, etc.

By Trains: High Speed trains to/from Huangshan had been running since July 1, 2015. It's very convenient to arrival Huangshan now. There're high speed trains between Huangshan and Hefei (1.5 hours), Hangzhou(3 hours),Shanghai (4.5 hours), Jinan(4.5 hours), Beijing(6 hours), Tianjin (6 hours).

2. What's the best time to visit Huangshan?

Huangshan is suitable for travelers all year around. Legendary Pines, Picturesque Rocks,Sea of Clouds, Hot Springs and Snow in Winter are the fine unique scenic features of Yellow Mountain. Though winter (December to February) is low tourist season of Yellow mountain, you will have the change to view Huangshan snow in winter. But avoid visiting Huangshan during China public holidays, May Day holiday (May 1-5), National Day Holiday (Oct.1-7), etc.

3. How about the accommodation in Huangshan?
In Tunxi district (Huangshan city center), there're all range of hotels, from 5 star to economic hotels.
Regarding the hotels in the top of Yellow Mountain,only several choices. The star-rated hotels are not up to standard of those in big cities as Beijing and Shanghai. But we choose good hotels based on the location,the service and the review of the previous customers.
Also the cost of hotel or food in the mountain is much higher than city area, as all the food and hotel supplies are carried by manpower from downhill. You will meet many heavers when climb up the mountain. The hotel price will increase in weekend or public holidays. Although this, overnight in the top is high suggested, you will have the chance to watch the spectacular view of sunrise and sunset.

4. Do I need to store my luggage before climb up the mountain? 
Yes, just bring an overnight bag to the top of the mountain. A backpack is easier to climb up. Our guide will help you store your luggage in hotel of the city, and will get back before departing from Huangshan.

5. Are there some travel tips for climbing up the Yellow Mountain?
Watch your footing when climbing the steps and be mindful of your safety when taking photos. Stop walking if you want to look at scenery or take photos;
Use a raincoat for protection from the wind and rain. Don't use an umbrella as it can be an inconvenience or even a hazard;
There is no smoking allowed on the mountain, except in the smoking areas;
If there is a storm, please do not climb to the summits or stand under trees which may be struck by lightning;
Don't forget to bring a torch (you'll be walking in the dark if you want to get to a viewing point for the first rays of dawn); walking poles (if you use them); sunscreen; mosquito repellant, enough warm clothes (bearing in mind that it is several degrees colder at altitude), and waterproofs (an umbrella can be inconvenient when climbing or unusable in the wind);
Bring warm clothes and wear trekking shoes with a good grip. Layers of clothes are practical for taking on and off when climbing the mountain. If feeling cold in your hotel room on the mountain, you can ask the hotel staff for additional quilts;
Please keep away from monkeys on the mountain. Don't bring out food in front of them.