A Lifetime Root Seeking Tour to the Fengcheng SWI

Travel Date: Apr 24th, 2018

Taking a look at where the children had lived before is a lot of adoptive families' wishes.
On April 24th, Michael and Anne couple from Australia brought their daughter to Fengcheng in search of her root and paying a return visit to the Fengcheng SWI where the little girl lived before being adopted.

Feng Caici, born in February 2012, was abandoned by her birth parents and still unclaimed after multiple inquiries. Then she was sent to the Fengcheng SWI.
In March 2013, having gone through relevant formalities, Michael and his wife brought Feng Caici back to Australia and cared for her. Feng Caici was only 1 year old that year, but in a distant country where, she found the warmth of home with the love of parents.
In the return visit day, the little girl seemed shy. The adoptive family visited the SWI, the children who were living there, the place where Feng Caici was picked up and met the foster mother who used to take care of Feng Caici.

After the SWI return visit, the adoptive family and the SWI staff enjoyed a Chinese hot pot banquet together.

Having returned to Nanchang, they also visited a local famous tourist attraction - Tengwang Pavilion.

Based in China, LTC keep strong ties with the Chinese Government and Social Welfare Institutes throughout China. If you want to make a return trip to Yichun You will:

  • Visit the orphanage and finding site
  • Meet the nanny or foster family
  • Experience local highlights and culture
  • Get the first hand price from local agency

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