A Chinese Heritage Tour to the Qianjiang SWI

Travel Date: Apr 04th, 2018

On April 4th, the Qianjiang SWI welcomed a special "family". She is a child the SWI had adopted and called Qian Xiuqing. This time, the little girl in the accompany of her adoptive parents and brother came back to the SWI for a heritage tour.

Born in the summer of 2008, Qian Xiuqing is very smart and lovely. She was taken good care of by the staff during one-year life in the SWI.

But a child cannot live without a family after all. The kind-hearted Douglas and Shannon couple brought the pretty little girl back to America the following year.
Now, Qian Xiuqing's already ten. Under the intensive care of her adoptive father and mother, she looked very optimist and confident. In the meantime, Douglas and his wife felt it was time to take the child back to the birthplace so as to help her build personal identity.
During this return visit, the adoptive family went to the Chongqing Adoption Affairs Center to check the child's records, visited the Qianjiang SWI and the place where the child had been found, etc. The return trip to China not only let Qian Xiuqing know where she belonged, but also make her personally feel the homeland's humanity and culture.

Based in China, LTC keep strong ties with the Chinese Government and Social Welfare Institutes throughout China. If you want to make a return trip to Chongqing You will:

  • Visit the orphanage and finding site
  • Meet the nanny or foster family
  • Experience local highlights and culture
  • Get the first hand price from local agency

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