China Root-Seeking Tour Including Xianyang SWI Visit

Travel Date: Jul 04th, 2018

In the winter of 2007, already having a daughter after marriage, Lauren Kinas and husband adopted a over one-year-old Qin Tiantian from the Xianyang SWI, and took her back to America for bringing up.

Fast forward 11 years, the little girl had blossomed into a pretty young teen. The couple thought it was time to bring the children to feel firsthand the Chinese culture and beautiful landscape. Most of all, as she grew older, Tiantian was quite eager to learn her own origin.

June 28th is the last departure date of LTC 2018 Summer Group Tour. Kinas family of four participated in the group tour and visited Beijing and Xian together with other families.

When the group tour is over, the adoptive family extended two days of their accommodation in Xian. Because they need to spend one day visiting the Xianyang SWI. Another day is to visit Qianxian County where the child had been picked up.

On the SWI return visit day, the adoptive family got a cordial reception. They visited the orphanage, saw the staff who had taken care of Tiantian and presented them gifts. The entire return visit process had a very warm atmosphere. We believed that this would leave the child an unforgettable memory.

Soon afterwards, having been through a night of comfortable bullet train journey, the adoptive family arrived in Shanghai and experienced the most modernized city in China, the nearby Suzhou and Tongli water town.

Based in China, LTC keep strong ties with the Chinese Government and Social Welfare Institutes throughout China. If you want to make a return trip to Xianyang You will:

  • Visit the orphanage and finding site
  • Meet the nanny or foster family
  • Experience local highlights and culture
  • Get the first hand price from local agency

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