YunMeng SWI Visiting 2018

Travel Date: Aug 20th, 2018

On August 20th 2018, the YunMeng SWI of HuBei Province ushered a special guest, Zhou Chun. This is the first time for her to return the hometown after her leaving the orphanage for 21 years.

On July 14th 1996, Zhou Chun was abandoned at the gate of the YunMeng SWI shortly after her birth for some reason. Having picked up the kid, the SWI called the police to look for her families, but unclaimed. After the relevant process had been perfected, Zhou Chun was received to raise in the orphanage. In order to give the kid an forever family and full love, the Yunmeng SWI had reported inter-country adoption data for Zhou Chun. On May 18th 1997, Zhou Chun was adopted by a loving parent and lived a long and happy life with her family in America.

During this return visit, Zhou Chun would like to look at what the place where she had lived was like, and personally expressed sincere thanks to those people who had given cares to her in the beginning of life.

Here are some photos of the return visit day.

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  • Experience local highlights and culture
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