2019 Spring Heritage Tour to Yangjiang Jiangcheng SWI

Travel Date: Apr 09th, 2019

On Apr 9th, the YangJiang City Jiang Cheng District SWI welcomed the return visit of two Denmark adoptive families.
Both family have a daughter age 12, who were born in Yanjiang city and spend their first year at Jiangcheng Dist. Orphanage.The same experience makes these two families very close, and a return trip together will create a new unforgettable memory.
On the day of the return visit, the tour guide picked up the adoptive families from the hotel and accompanied them to the Jiangcheng Dist. Orphanage. The director, Ms Lin, welcomed the families warmly and presented gifts to two girls.

Afterwards, they followed Ms Lin to visit the orphanage. In the infant room, two girls stood beside the crib they had slept in and took pictures.

Before the end of the visit, the fathers stopped at the gate of the welfare home. They want to take another picture here with their daughter in their arms, just like 12 years ago. Time flies! The two innocent faces have become happy smiles.

There was also an unexpected surprise in this return visit. After communicating with Ms. Lin, one of the girls was lucky to be told her finding site. So everybody went there and fortunately saw some old pictures in the propaganda board, which were especially valuable to them.

Based in China, LTC keep strong ties with the Chinese Government and Social Welfare Institutes throughout China. If you want to make a return trip to Yangjiang You will:

  • Visit the orphanage and finding site
  • Meet the nanny or foster family
  • Experience local highlights and culture
  • Get the first hand price from local agency

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