A typical foster family in Nanning SWI

This is an ordinary family structure to have father, mother, brothers and sisters in love and warmth. Since 2004, Nanning SWI had proceeded to build "simulated family" for orphaned and disabled children there and recruit caring and experienced "fathers and mothers" to live with these children, so as to let them feel the warmth of home and enjoy life they were supposed to have.

As of now, there have already been 10 special families in Nanning SWI. "After the company was bankrupt, our children left home to work. We couple were quite bored at home to consider looking for a job to kill time. Later, we heard that the SWI was recruiting simulated parents to take care of orphans, which is a meaningful thing. Having discussed with our children, we came here to try. Who would ever think that such a try could last 9 years." Jiang Huaizhi and Song Wuying couple had become the "professional parent" in the SWI since 2007. Up to now, they have raised 9 children with special needs.

There are total 4 children in the family of the old couple now, the oldest is 16 years old, the youngest only in 2 years. Chu Rong, the eldest son, suffers from hemangioma with a very stubborn temper.  Shu Ren, the second son, is smart but quite naughty. The third daughter Hao Xuan is optimistic though with cerebral palsy. The youngest daughter Xuan Shan with thalassemia is lively but a little fearing of strangers. The old couple know their “children”very well, because they treat these children as their own children.

On weekends, the couple always get up at half past six in the morning to cook breakfast. Then they will wake up these children to wash face, eat breakfast and take them to school at 7 o’clock. In the afternoon, Son Yingwu will pick up children from school. Jiang Huaizhi will have cooked a whole meal to wait wife and children home.

The Two-year-old Xuan Shan is the youngest children in home. Everytime when she has meals, Jiang Huaizhi have to pay more attention to her. The old couple have devoted whatever they could to these children, which even make their own children jealous. When having the big dinner at Chinese lunar New Year this year, the couple was busy with taking care of these children to eat. Having seen the whole scene, their own daughter complained that they had never been so good to her.

Shu Ren has the biggest appetite. Seeing him eat so much, Son Yingwu is also willing to keep his bowl to the table.

After a meal, Shu Ren is responsible to clean the table and Chu Rong will wash the dishes. To do something they could to help their "father and mother" make the children quite happy.

The simulated family let them feel the warmth of home and own their "brothers and sisters".

The Jiang Huaizhi couple have brought the children to almost all free opened park in Nanning. We will bring children to take a walk not only in holidays, but also at the weekday and after dinner. We have always been cherishing the time of family reunion and walk is also good to the physical health of the children.

In order to record the grow up of children, Jiang Huaizhi spent two thousand yuan buying a camera in 2009 to took pictures for children. After seven years collection, the couple have made a family photo album. In every single photo, there are so many words from the couple. Behind every single photo, there is always a sweet moment.

In the afternoon the reporter came, a news came from the SWI that Xuan Shan would be adopted by an American family. The family had sent their family photos and asked the old couple to help the child familiar with her new family members. It is not an easy thing for the couple to let their "daughter"with affections know and accept new "father and mother." "Although we don’t want her leave, we still feel very lucky for Xuan Shan because better medical condition in America will do good to her health. And we can see from the photos that her new home is very beautiful." Song Yingwu said.

During the days and nights together, the couple had poured all their real love and affections. Every time seeing children in home adopted by another family, Song Yingwu would burst into tears. But when the day of departure came, they had to be hardhearted to send children leave and tell them to take good care of themselves.

9 years have passed quietly, the couple have also became the most talented ones of ten simulated families and love their work better. "Children in the SWI need us to look after and we can feel a different family happiness from them. We will keep on doing such a happy job in the future." Jiang Huaizhi said so.

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