A Variety of Pictures on China's Newly-Enrolled Students

School begins! Students across China are gearing up for an upcoming semester which starts on September 1st. However, on this very day, some children are quite delighted to welcome, while some are bursting into loud sobs. Some parents feel lost in a deep reverie, yet some are relieved to take a rest.
It seems that almost all parents and their children act like this, except for some freshmen, this day is filled with challenges and novelties. Now let's have a look at various pictures of those newly-enrolled students in China and their parents.

Kindergarten Group

There is an old Chinese saying, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". Thinking of the first time to leave parents, the first time to spend a whole day with teachers and classmates, the first time to have lunch and take nap at school and so on, some children are thrilled to try, some are down in the dumps, while some even are wiping tears.

What’s unexpected is that the anxiety degree of parents is never slighter than children’s. On the one hand parents hope their children to adapt the kindergarten life, but on the other hand they expect children to express a few separation anxiety, so that they can feel themselves very important and needed in their children’s heart.

Primary School Group

Beijing Sanyili primary school is holding the "First Writing Ceremony" for the freshmen of the First Semester of 2017-2018. It is a traditional enlightenment education form, including tidying the dress, giving a red dot on pupil's forehead, beating dumps, tracing the Chinese character "人" with a writing brush and other activities, to mark the children start learning to read and studying rites.

Let's divert the attention to Hangzhou! There are 11 sets of twins out of nearly 400 freshmen in a primary school in Hangzhou. Whether to divide the twins into the same class? This is a question most twin parents are struggling with.

Middle School Group

Military training marks a new chapter of school life among China's teenagers. Newly-enrolled students were seen practicing under the instruction of a training officer at Jizhou Middle School in Hengshui City, north China's Hebei Province.

A one or two-week-long military training at the beginning of new students' first semester has been considered as a tradition among middle schools and high schools in China. People always call it "The Very First Lesson" for teenagers to experience the hardship of previous generations before they go on to study for their secondary education degrees.

University Group
Most notably on the university freshmen enrolling day are parents tugging heavy luggage to send their children to school. Parents are carrying big and small packages of baggage and looking at their children with a complicated eyes of hope but dismay. The air is filled with love!

It's reported that 68.4% university freshmen say their parents will accompany them to register when the first new term begins.

The following picture shows that Tianjin University prepares love tent for parents sending their children.


Talented girl of Peking University Zhao Jie wrote:

"I admire a kind of parents, they give children strong connection at an early age, but quit gracefully when children grow up.
Care and separation are tasks that parents have to complete on children.
To be parents, it is a long journey of the bosom and wisdom."

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