What is the origin of children's surname in the Chinese orphanage?

The first kind: take the surname of "党", "福", "华", "童"

In the last few decades, some orphanages in China give children the surname of "党", "福", "华", "童" and so on, and hope these orphans can grow up healthily under the care policy of Chinese Communist Party and bathed in the love from the society.

The second kind: according to the short name for the SWI province

For example, if your child has the surname of "黔 Qian", she/he is likely to come from the GuiZhou province.

The third kind: according to the first word of the SWI city name

For example, if your child has the surname of "丰"(Feng), she/he is likely to come from the Fengcheng city in Jiangxi province. Similarly, if the surname of your child is "郴"(Chen), she/he may be from the Chenzhou city in HuNan province.

The forth kind: Naming the child in accordance with her/his finding place

For example, if a child is picked up in Tianhe district by local police station, she/he will be given a surname of "天"(Tian).

The fifth kind: according to the order of Hundred Family Surnames

Since 2008, a majority of the Chinese orphanages have given the children their surname in accordance with the order of Hundred Family Surnames in China. For example, all abandoned babies accepted by the orphanages shared the common surname of "赵 Zhao" in the first year after the reform. Because the first surname in the 'hundred of surnames' is "赵 Zhao". Children accepted in the following years will successively be given the surname of "钱 Qian", "孙 Sun", "李Li", "周Zhou", "吴Wu", "郑Zheng", "王Wang" and etc.

(Click here to know the list of Hundred Family Names in detail.) The reform has reflected more humanistic concern and tried to leave no trouble to children's future life due to the special surname. It helps to remove children's personal labels.

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