How Much to Give The Red Envelopes?

Giving Red envelopes is one of the most recognized traditions that are observed during the Chinese New Year. Red envelopes are cash gifts that are given by senior family members to their junior relations, and can range from a few dollars to quite hefty amounts. Usually, they are given from adults to children, and from married couples to their younger, unmarried family members. It is also customary for bosses to present them to employees.

How Much To Put In A Red Envelope?

There are no set answers to this question and individuals decide according to their financial status. The amount also varies between close and distant relationships. Here are the most common scenarios for giving red envelopes during Chinese New Year.

Relative's kids: RMB 200 - 1,000

Other acquaintances' children: RMB 100 - 200

Parents and grandparents: RMB 500 - 2,000

Elder relatives: RMB 200- 500

Employees: RMB 200-1000

In some areas, people weigh heavily on giving lucky money, and the sky-high value of a red envelope becomes a hot issue. In some large cities, kids may receive big red packets with amazing sums varying from RMB 2,000 - 10,000. This leads to a financial burden on an average family, and the expenditure can be a large proportion of the entire Chinese New Year cost. Meanwhile, this situation also spoils the children, who can become accustomed to thinking that they can reap without sowing.

Money In Lucky Amount

People prefer to receive lucky money in lucky amounts. You may wonder what amount will be regarded as auspicious. In the northern region of China, the integral and even number amount are popular, such as 100, 200, 500, 800 and 1000 whereas sums such as 250, 400 or 740 should be avoided. In the south, people will choose to send packets with money in an amount of RMB 88, 666, 888 or 999, as these figures are considered auspicious. Such numbers usually imply a blessing for an increasing wealth and a smooth development.

WeChat Red Envelopes

In recent years, it has become popular among young people to send "red envelopes" (an online money transfer with a colorful message) via WeChat (a messaging app) as a greeting. It has become a new way to greet friends or relatives during the Chinese New Year period.

Warm Tips

Whether you are the one giving or receiving the red envelopes, please note that the amount of money inside isn't really what is important, though. The real significance is found in the cherry-red paper that the envelopes are made of, which gives all the good vibes.

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