FAQs on 2022 LTC Heritage Tours

Q: Why travel with Lead to China?

A: Lead to China is the leading China-based heritage tour operator since 2008.  We are uniquely qualified to offer a special homeland experience for you and your family. Unlike other travel agencies would arrange shops and factories on the heritage tours, we offer "NO SHOPPING" policy on our 2022 group tour. Meanwhile, our team serves hundreds of adoptive families a year, winning TripAdvisor's certificate of excellence year on year. 98% of our customers would recommend us.

Q: How many people will there be on a small group?

A: To offer you a stress-free heritage tour to China, we take care of every detail. It is our belief these smaller groups ensure that members get maximum enjoyment from their trip and have a more meaningful interaction with the guide. That’s why we promise the participants in each group will not exceed 25 people.

Q: Is it free for Chinese adoptees?

A: Our 2022 Heritage Tours  are quoted by each family, and this pricing method is to give discounts to adoptive families in different combinations of people. It is a tour for the whole family after all, not only for adopted child(ren) from China.

If you also would like to visit the birth place & orphanage, we welcome you to consult us the complete itinerary and quotation before making your decision. LTC is always committed to providing high-quality services and the best price.

Q: What if we won't be able to participate in the full group tour due to the limited vacation time?

A:  You can participate in part of the group tour, and then customize a private tour to the children's birthplace city or anywhere else.

Q: Will LTC book the international flight to and from China?

A: No, each family will have the opportunity to book tickets through a travel agent of their choice, directly with the airline or online. Please contact us for a list of travel agents that previous customers’ have used in the past.

Q: How about the room arrangement?

A: We will make reasonable arrangements on the room according to the number of people and child's/ children's age(s). In general, two adults and one child will be arranged in a standard room with one more bed. Two adults and two children will be arranged in two rooms or a . If you have special requests, please just let us know.  

Q: What kinds of meals we will have in China?

Normally, we include the two meals  (breakfast & lunch) each day. Besides some unique meals, like roast duck & hot pot , we leave almost all dinners to discover for yourselves. Breakfasts usually are served at the hotel where you stay; can be in western style, Chinese style, or a combination depending on your hotel. Lunches are a la carte at local restaurants whenever possible, usually, Chinese food is served with sanitation guaranteed.  Our guides will assist you with ordering dishes according to the number of people and the special needs of the group members.

Q: I/we have certain food allergies. Will the LTC tour guides help us with special meal arrangements?

A: Yes, if you have any special requirements for your food, please let us know at the booking stage so that we can make relevant arrangements.  We always respect the clients' dietetic habits and try our best to cater to their needs. If you are a vegetarian/vegan,  our guides will help you order some proper dishes. But we would like to explain that the tour you choose is a group tour which means you will have to share the dishes with other members of the group.  

Q: If my/our child's orphanage is in one of the cities that we will visit on the Heritage Tour, can we separate from the group for one day to visit the orphanage in that particular city?

A: Yes, you can take a day trip to visit your child’s orphanage while the group is traveling in each particular city. The additional cost would be approximately $200-$400 per family per orphanage visit.

Q: What if we have more than one orphanage to visit?

A: Lead to China offers several options  for families who have adopted children from two or more different provinces. Discuss this with one of our experienced travel expert, he/she will arrange a trip that fits your family’s specific situation and desires, and allow you to budget the travel cost wisely and reasonably.

Q: If we want to arrive in Beijing prior to the main tour or stay a few more days in China after the set tour, can you make the arrangements for us?

A: Yes, Lead to China can make all the arrangements for your stay in China either before or after the main tour, such as hotel, airport transfers, driver/guide service, sightseeing, etc. Please contact us for more information.

Q: Is it allowed if I still want to make some changes after paying the deposit?

A: Yes. Please just tell your changes to our travel consultant, you know, they have enjoyed the praise of Being Patient all the time.

Q: How about the visa application?

A: Visiting China's mainland requires travelers to apply for an entry visa ahead of time. It is recommended to apply for your Chinese visa 3-4 months before the trip. You will obtain your own visa by using a courier service or by personally walking your application(s) into a Consulate or Embassy.  Lead to China cannot provide visa services but we can make an invitation letter with official signed to help you get the visa.  

Q: Which countries do other families usually come from? Can we get in touch in advance?

A: In 2022 group tour, we will arrange highly experienced English speaking tour guides to accompany you to visit. Generally speaking, the adoptive families who participate in the group tour are mostly from the United States. A small number of families come from Canada, the Netherlands, Denmark, Spain and so forth. Before departure of the group tour, we will set up a WeChat or FB group to facilitate the communication between group members.

Q: What kind of insurance can you offer us if we book a tour with you?

A: Lead to China usually provides two kinds of insurance for our clients, they are Travel Agency Liability Insurance(TALI) and Accident Insurance for Domestic Travel. TALI is regulated by the China National Tourism Administration. Under this plan client will receive compensation for personal or property losses, injury, or damage incurred during the guided tour. The Accident Insurance covers several aspects, including:

1. Tourists' casualty (injury or death) caused by general accidents, high-risk sports and traffic accidents.

2. Death caused by acute disease (including sudden death), or complete disability.

3. Medical expense for accidental accidents and acute disease.

However, purchasing these two kinds of insurance is not enough, since the development of insurance in China is relatively late, which is not as good as many European and American countries in terms of security and rescue services. So LTC strongly recommends that our clients purchase international travel insurance before you come to China back home.

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