What Does The Chinese New Year Mean To Young People?

7 Fun Facts About Chinese New Year for Young People

1.Year-end bonus

At the end of each lunar year, The employers will give employees a certain amount of year-end bonus to affirm their hard work of last year.

2. The Longest Public Holiday

Most employees in China have at least seven days off work, including three days' legal holiday, while students take one month absence from school. The celebration lasts for 15 days from the 1st to 15th day of the first lunar month, and in folklore it starts even earlier, from the 23rd day of the twelfth lunar month.

3. Buy new clothes

People in China believe that since this is a year anew they should buy a lot of new things. Purchasing new items symbolizes welcoming new things and getting ready for a new start. However have you been doing in the past year, you will have to buy a new outfit, not only in order to reward yourself, but also hope to show a good side to the people around you.

4. Buy gifts

Young people will always buy some gifts for their parents, grandparents and kids, when they prepare to go home for the Spring Festival.

5. Time for Family Reunion

Especially for young people who are far away from home, they will be eagerly looking forward to a family reunion dinner prepared by mom.

6. Watch the CCTV New Year's Gala

Watching the CCTV New Year's Gala is not the most important thing, while roasting the New Year's Gala on Sina Weibo is the greatest pleasure.

7. Visting Relatives and Friends

Young people could rarely receive red envelopes containing lucky money after beginning to work. They not only have been lost from the fun, but also have to face various concerns from relatives.  There may be several cases as below.

First, single young people might be asked whether they have a boyfriend or a girlfriend.

Secondly, young people with a boyfriend or a girlfriend might be asked when they are going to get married.    

Thirdly, the newly married couple might be asked when they are planning to have a child.

Fourthly, a couple with one child might be asked when to have a second child.

Fifthly, a couple with two children might be asked whether their children are doing well in their academic records.


Relatively speaking, Chinese people are not aware of keeping appropriate distance between each other. However, as the development of times progress, such cases will fade off gradually from the young people.

All in all, the greatest significance of the Spring Festival for young people is the family reunion. They can finally have time to stop their steps so as to accompany beloved family members, taste the familiar hometown flavors and feel parents' unselfish love.

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