Hubei Food

As one of the birthplaces of Chinese and its ancient culture, Hubei Province is rich in food culture. The food of Hubei province is mainly fresh and salty, and the porridge and soup were mostly favored.

Hubei cuisine consists of dishes from Wuhan, Jinnan, Xiangyun and Southeast Hubei, and with numerous rivers inside, the dishes of Hubei province has big connection with the fish, such as the steamed Wuchang fish, penholder-like fish belly, brown-sauce-stewed fish and quick-boiled fish with oranges etc. other typical dishes include steamed triplet from Mianyang, chicken broth stewed in an earthen jar, thousand-sliced pork, calipash soup with wax gourd and medicinal soups made by the long and gentle stewing of fried chicken with seasonings.

The restaurants in Wuhan are highly developed in various kinds, and of styles of both north and south. They are scattered in many streets all over the city, prosperous and crowded. According to statistics, as many as 100, 1000 people are engaged in the business.

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