Shanghai Climate

Situated in the southern part of China, at the estuary of the Yangtze River, Shanghai has a subtropical marine monsoon climate with distinct seasons: warm spring, cool autumn, hot rainy summer and overcast cold winter.

When spring steps into Shanghai, blooming flowers makes the city lively and attractive. Light rain happens however will not disturb your trip. Light rain occurs occasionally with an average temperature of 20C (68 F). Long-sleeved shirts, light sweaters or coats are comfortable for this time. This is the best season in a year for traveling.

Summer in Shanghai lasts from June to September, while the highest temperature occurs in July or August. Summer of Shanghai has abundant rainfall and scorching sunshine. The temperature can be as high as 35C (95 F) occasionally, and it is advisable to avoid time around 14:00 and to drink more water to prevent yourself from getting heatstroke. T-shirts, shorts and paints are comfortable in these hot days.

Autumn in Shanghai comes in October and November with temperate weather. Autumn in Shanghai rains frequently except in the late November. Long-sleeved shirts, sweater and coat are appropriate.

The period from December to the next February is the winter in Shanghai. Chinese Lunar Spring Festival is usually celebrated during the coldest days of February. The coldest does not usually last long but it snows sometimes. Sweater and overcoat are necessary in winter.

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