Fujian Climate

The weather of Fujian Province is a sub-tropical monsoon climate, with moderate winters. The average temperature for a year is 18° C (64° F). In January the coastal regions average around 8° C (46 F) while the hills average 7° C (45° F). In the summer, temperatures are high, so you will feel not comfortable in this time. Besides the beautiful scenery, there are architecture and piano museum in Xiamen City. The best times to visit Xiamen are in spring and autumn. May you will feel a little hot in summer and a little cold in winter, the average temperature for a year is about 21° C (70 F) in Xiamen. The time you should bring raincoat is from May to August. Since Fujian has a year round warmand humid climate, and annual average temperature from  a low of 17C to a high of 21C, it is nice to tour Fujian Province in all seasons.

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