Fujian Food

Fujian cuisine is well known in China for the characteristics of light but flavorful, soft, and tender, with particular emphasis on umami taste. Umami taste, "xiānwèi" in Chinese, means retaining the original flavor of the main ingredients instead of masking them.

With complex techniques used in cooking, the tastes of the original flavor of the main ingredients are ideally refined. People of Fujian also pay more attention on utilizing broth and soup. As a Chinese saying of this region goes:” One broth can be changed into numerous (ten) forms" and "It is unacceptable for a meal to not have soup".

Fermented fish sauce, known locally as shrimp oil, is also commonly used in the cuisine, along with oysters, crab, and prawns. Peanuts (utilized for both savory dishes and desserts) are also prevalent, and can be boiled, fried, roasted, crushed, ground or even turned into a paste. Peanuts can be used as a garnish, feature in soups and even be added to braised or stir-fried dishes. Mi soan (also known as mĭfěn (thin, white wheat-flour noodles), are a Fujian specialty.

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