Beijing Facts

Beijing, the capital city of our great country with a great population of 22 million and covering an area of 1,641,054 sq kilometers, is the center of China's polity, culture, economy. Here is the heart of our country. So thousands of prominent people come here and devote themselves to this historical city.

Now Beijing is famous for her long and profound history, also for her open and brave spirits, which make the city full of glamour and charm.

Beijing is the city of empires through the ages. The atmosphere here full of royalty and nobility makes the city splendid and magnificent, attracting thousands of tourists come here and purchase the life shadows of the kings and princes. The Great Wall, The Palace Museum , The Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, Tiananmen Square, The temple of earth, ect. Of them are the right places to go to experience the emperor's atmosphere. If you want to feel the normal people's life you can have a hutong tour in Beijing to feel the life of real Beijing people. Also the snack street is a good choice to have a taste of not only the classical and delicious food in Beijing but also the folk-customs of the historical city.

If you want to feel a new and modern Beijing ,you can go to the Chaoyang District to have a look at the amazing building build for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. That is the National Stadium ---the Bird's Nest stadium and The National Swimming Center ---The Water Cube. Here you can feel the enthusiasm of sport you also can feel the friendly of the nation. If you want to relax yourself in the nature beauty of Beijing you could choose Jingshan Park, Shijingshan Amusement Park, the botanical garden, and Fragrant hill.

Choosing Beijing, Choosing the tour of royal. The mixture of the great and profound cultural with the modern atmosphere will give you a deep and worthy expression of the great city.

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