Henan Climate

Located in the Central-eastern China, Henan Province has a humid warm-temperate and distinct four seasons. For a year, the average temperature is 14° C (57° F), the coldest month is January with the average temperature is about 0° C (32° F), and that of the hottest July is 27° C (about 81° F). The temperature difference for a year is very big, for the lowest temperature is -22° C (about -8° F) and the highest temperature is 44° C (111° F). If you go there in summer, please bring your umbrella, for the rainfalls mainly centers on summer (from May to July). Besides, dry and windy in winter and spring, and bakes in strong sunlight during the sutumn months. Rainfall averages about 600-1000 millimeters increasing from north to south, as does the annual temperature which increases from about 12.8 C in the north to 15.5 C in the south.

To avoid the bad weather, you had better choose spring (from February to April) and autumn (from August to October) to visit Henan. Personally, spring is nice to visit some  blooming flowers with amazing attractions, such as the  Longmen Grottos in Luoyang, Mount Songshan in Zhengzhou and Shaolin Temple, and nice weather will add your enjoyment.

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