Inner Mongolia Facts

The Inner Mongolia autonomous region locates in the northern region of China and it shares an international border with the country of Mongolia (alternatively known as Outer Mongolia) and the Russian Federation. Its capital is Hohhot; however, the largest city is Baotou.

Inner Mongolia is the third-largest subdivision of China spanning about 1,200,000 square meters or 12% of China’s total land area. It has a population of about 24 million as of 2009. The majority of the population in the region is Han Chinese, with a substantial Mongol minority. The official languages are Chinese and Mongolian, the latter written in the classical alphabet, as opposed to the Cyrillic used in the Republic of Mongolia.

The autonomous region was established in 1947. Officially Inner Mongolia is classified as one of the provincial-level divisions of North China; however, it stretches part of Northeast China and part of Northwest China. It borders eight provincial-level divisions in all three of the aforementioned regions.

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