Inner Mongolia Food

Food in Inner Mongolia consists of two aspects, one is the "baishi" or white food and the other is the "hongshi" or red food.

White food is made from cow's milk, sheep's milk and mare's milk, including milk drinks and milk food. The most popular of which is the fresh and fragrant milk tea, which is boiled using high quality brick tea, and added with fresh milk and a little bit of salt. Other white foods include: cheese, milk skin, cream, milk curd, sour milk and fermented milk.

Red foods are mainly made from mutton, beef and sometimes camel meat, among which the mutton is the dominant. Muttons can be made to shouba rou (boiled mutton), kao quanyang (roasted whole sheep), kao yangtui (roasted mutton leg), kao yangpai (roasted mutton chop), mutton barbecue and instant-boiled mutton etc.

Alcohol, people in Inner Mongolia mainly drink spirit or mare's milk wine, sometimes beer or wine as wel

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