Hubei Climate

Controlled by subtropical monsoonal climate, Hubei climate gives hubei four very distinct seasons, burning hot summer (June, July and August) and chilly and dry winter (December, January and February) and the transitivity of the south and the north climates. In autumn it is clear and crisp, blue and cloudless, a ideal season for travelling in Hubei Province. The winter is also dry cold, and snowy, so it isn't fir for travelling in mountains, especially for the pedestrain journey.

Wuhan, as same as Nanchang, is one of the” four stoves ”in China. You can’t image how hot the torrid climate in summer. Even the tourist who has visited Wuhan warned us that: You had better choose another season to visit instead of summer. The best season to visit Hubei Province is in spring (March, April and May) and autumn (September, October and November). However, we do suggest you avoiding travelling near or in the China' s national holiday periods(10.1-7), and the International Labour Day Holiday periods(5.1-3), for most of Chinese will relax themselves by touring attractions at these periods.

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