Yunnan Climate

For its varied terrain, the weather in Yunnan is also different in different area. The climate change is really big in the same province. For example, you can travel to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, one of China’s major ski resorts, which located in the northwestern corner of the province. While you can also appreciate the tropical rainforest, Xishuangbanna, home to China's last remaining herds of wild Asian elephants, the environmentally-threatened (and now protected) Yunnan Golden Monkey, and many endangered species of plants as well as animals in Yunnan Province, now, from this example, you can feel the big changes in the different area.

The weather varies in most of the province’s different climate regions. A temperate zone, a sub –tropical zone and a tropical zone make up the three lateral-spatial climatic zones in Yunnan Province. In a general, the temperature and rainfall levels increase the farther south one proceeds in the province. The Jinsha River Basin, which comprises Tiger Leaping Gorge, the world's deepest gorge, the climate is dry, hot, subtropical climate at its base. Located in the southern part of the province near the Laotian and Myanmar borders, the Yuan River Basin is one of the more humid subtropical climate type. You will feel more comfortable here.

The best season to visit Yunnan Province is from April to June if you wish to visit the tropical and subtropical localities. During the spring, sunshine is plentiful, rain in frequent and the humidity is not yet a factor to be reckoned with. Of course, you can enjoy your trip when you are free for the more temperate parts of the province can be enjoyed year round, in other words, you can experience the different seasons in the same province at the same time. How wonderful is!

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