Yunnan Food

Although Yunan food is not included into the "Eight Schools of Chinese Cuisine",  people of Southern China do consider the Yunnan food as the No. 9 Schools of Chinese Cuisine, for the unification of cuisines from different ethnic groups.

It is hard to generalize the tastes, the ingredients of Yunnan cuisine, for Yunnan has the largest number of ethnic minorities, and Yunnan is home to a large variety of plant and animal species. If there is a generalization, the answer should be many Yunnanese dishes are quite spicy, and mushrooms feature prominently. People in the northeastern part of Yunnan Province eat food similar to Sichuan cuisine, very spicy. People in the western and southern parts of Yunnan Province eat very similar to Vietnam and Laos, for they are neighbors.

Besides, flowers is widely used in Yunnan cuisine, such as the renowned pu-erh tea which is traditionally grown in Simao, and the Xuanwei ham, which is often used to flavor stewed and braised foods in Chinese cuisine.

In conclusion, many ethnic minority groups with the diverse local plant and animal species make Yunnan cuisine a beautiful mix of many different styles of cooking and preparation styles, and a moderate balance of sour and spicy, tender and sweet of the cuisine.

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