Gansu Climate

The weather differs in different parts of Gansu because of the complex geography. The rainfall is rare in Gansu Province, the rainy days mainly center in months from June to September. There is a big difference in temperature between day and night. To protect yourself from strong solar radiation, you should make a good preparation. The lowest temperature appears in January with the temperature is from -14℃ (7 F) to 3℃ (37 F), and the highest temperature (from 22℃ or 72 F to 25℃ or 77F) is in July. You need a coat due to the changeful weather, you may feel very hot in the noon, but you will use it in the morning and night. The best season to visit Gansu is from May to October, although the weather is changeable. If you want to see the most luxuriant grass in Gansu, you had better follow this suggestion.

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