Gansu Food

Cuisine of Gansu is very unique for it has been influenced by several ethnic groups, featuring roasting, steaming, and braising of beef and mutton. The staple food is the noodles, muttons, since the Hui person is dominant there. Lanzhou people enjoy many tastes including salty, fresh, tart, and spicy. Besides, Lanzhou of Gansu is the place to have Sichuan cuisines, hotpot, and western food as well.

Typical dishes include Jincheng Baita, Jincheng Babao Melon Carving, Baihe Tao, Silk Road Camel Hoof, Lanzhou Roasted Pork. Baihe (Lily) Tao (Peach) is so named because the dish is shaped like peaches. The washed fresh lily - a specialty of Lanzhou - is steamed for about 15 minutes. The lily is then stuffed with sweetened bean paste so that it looks like a peach. The 'peach' is braised in a bamboo steamer for about twenty minutes and then served with a white sugar sauce. Silk Road Camel Hoof is a nutritious dish since the whole hoof is made up of tendon, which is very tasty.

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