4 Days Huangshan Cycling Tour

Tour Route: Tunxi, Yixian County

Cycling is a healthy and natural way of sports travel, in which you can fully enjoy the sense of beauty during the travelling process. It’s a simple and environmentally friendly sport and you just need a bicycle, a backpack, riding clothes, riding helmet, glasses and gloves. Riding a bike through the ancient Huizhou villages, you may find that the local people are leading a simple, quiet and peaceful life. Cycling on the road, you may enjoy the fascinating views on both sides: the beautiful rural scenery, the distant mountains, the flowing water and the loomed villages among the early mist, just like a fairyland on earth.

Private Tour
Day 1 Arrival at Tunxi

Arrive at Tunxi District of Huangshan City by plane or bullet train. Greeted by the local guide and transferred to the hotel. Visit the best-preserved commercial street-the Ancient Street of Tunxi, built in Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Meals: Breakfast
Day 2 Tunxi-Yixian County

After breakfast, drive by private coach to Yixian County, which is praised as another "Garden of Eden" on Earth. Here, you will have a cycling tour, which covers four villages: Hongcun, Tachuan, Xieli and Mukeng. The round trip is about 14 km long and it will take about 2 hours to finish. You will depart from Hongcun Village, which is praised as "a village in Chinese painting", and ride along the highway of Hongru to Tachuan Village, where the natural scenery is fantastic: the green mountains and rivers, the fields and hillsides. You will feel that riding on the country road of Huizhou is just like enjoying a landscape volume. This road is the most beautiful ecological highway in Anhui, along which, you may get to the higher place to overlook the panorama of Tachuan Village and Qishu Lake, whose views are spectacular. Afterwards visit Hongcun Village (world cultural heritage site, the unique buffalo-shaped village, one of the shooting locations for the Oskar-awarded movie "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon") and Mukeng Village with bamboo forest.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch
Day 3 Yixian County-Tunxi

Today, you're going to ride your bike on another road along the villages of Nanping, Guzhu, Chiling and Guanlu The round trip is 8 km and it takes about 80 minutes to finish. Your riding will start from Nanping Village, where Hui Merchants has inhabited for thousands of years. Nanping Village has a long history. There are many towering old trees here and it still preserves more than 300 ancient houses built in Ming and Qing Dynasties, 72 ancient alleys, 36 ancient wells criss-crossing here and there. The village looks just like a maze. Riding a bicycle on the long slabstone and passing through the ancient alley one after another will make you feel as if you are following the footsteps of the local ancestors. Wherever you go, at an outlet or in deep alley, the exquisite wood carvings, brick carvings and stone carvings would inadvertently jump into your eye in turn, you can not help but always stop to take some pictures of them. 

Guanlu is a village with ancient buildings interconnected one another. You may see that eight big families live in the buildings of the same architectural style. The families are interconnected with each other, but relatively independent and self-contained. Ancient people of Huizhou attached great importance to education, so, in Guanlu Village, there used to be many private schools, as makes it reputed as the Museum of Ancient Chinese Private School! The idyllic villages and landscapes along this road are quite unique. It is really a great enjoyment to have a cycling tour through the ancient Huizhou villages. 

After you finish the cycling tour, you will walk to visit Nanping Village, which looks like a labyrinth with eight ancient ancestral temples and 300 ancient buildings of Ming and Qing Dynasties. It is also a famous movie-shooting site, where the famous Chinese movie "Judou" was shot. The next village you'll visit is Guanlu Village, where you will see the magical ancient dwellings are interconnected, just like a big house. After that, drive back to Tunxi, the downtown of Huangshan city.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch
Day 4 Tunxi-Huizhou District-TunxiDeparture

Today, you are going to Huizhou Green Way in Huizou District for a cycling tour, which covers Chengkan Village, Lingshan Village and Qiankou Village. The round trip is about 22 km long and it will take about three hours to finish the riding. This is a cycling route with beautiful and charming natural scenery: pastoral, rivers, valleys, forests, etc.. There are  standard bike lanes and service stations. What is more, the rugged eighteen turns at Lingshan is suitable for classic road cycling movement. It can provide an excellent ecological environment for riders’ sightseeing, photographing, physical exercises, mental and physical pleasure as well. In the afternoon, visit Tangmo village, a tourist attraction of ancient village, which features its geomantic considerations of water flow and garden design, Huizhou architecture and pastoral landscapes.

Then, drive back to Tunxi and go to the next destination by plane or bullet train.

Meals: Breakfast
Travel Period 2-5 travelers 6-9 travelers
Dec.1- Feb.28 US$782 US$551
Mar.1- Nov.30 US$939 US$698

1. The price is based on stay in China four star hotels. If you want to deduct, upgrade or downgrade the hotel, please indicate this while sending the inquiry.
2. You will enjoy more discounts if there is more people join the tour.
3. Prices may vary according to your travel time and are higher in the high season, e.g. Qingming Festival Holiday (Apr. 4 - 6, 2020 ), Labor's Day Holiday (May 1 - 3, 2020) ,Dragon Boat Festival Holiday (Jun. 25 - 27, 2020) and National Day Holiday (Oct 1- Oct 8, 2020).

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2.Private tours escorted by an English-speaking guide
3.Accommodations with daily breakfast
4.Admission fees
5.Domestic flights and trains listed

1.International flights or trains
2.Visa arrangement
3.Excess luggage charge (the luggage allowance at economy class is twenty kg)
4.Personal expense

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