How to Avoid The Crowds When Traveling in Huangshan?

As one of the most popular tourist attraction in China,  Mt. Huangshan received about 3.38 million visitors in 2018, 70% of which were Chinese tourists. What makes Huangshan Scenic Area seem particularly crowded are the narrow mountain paths that get clogged to frustrated lines at bottlenecks in peak season. But, you still want to know how to get away from the crowds…as much as possible? In fact, the more accurate question should be: how to escape from the Chinese domestic tourists? Here are some possible ways.

1. Don’t travel during the Chinese Public Holidays

Dates to avoid when planning a Huangshan tour 2019

New Year Holiday: Dec. 30, 2018- Jan. 1, 2019

Ching Ming Festival: Apr. 5-7, 2019

Labor Day Holiday: May 1, 2019

Dragon Boat Festival: Jun. 7-9, 2019

Mid-Autumn Festival: Sept. 13-15, 2019

National Day Holiday: Oct. 1-7,2019


2. Don’t travel during the weekend


3. Choose a better hiking route

Chinese tourists prefer to go up from the front mountain by taking Yuping cableway. Because there is an iconic site: Greeting-guests Pine. For overseas tourists, these can be ignored, because there are too many things to see in Huangshan.

If you are looking for a easy way to visit Huangshan, we highly recommend you can take the Yungu cable car up the mountain. After a quick ride up by the cable car, you will reach the back mountain of Huangshan. Along the path to the hotel, there are not many steps and the scenery is very beautiful. You can have a lunch at the hotel, put down your luggage and take a break. For a more peaceful way to enjoy the scenery of the Yellow Mountains, we recommends the circuit through the West Sea Canyon, with its less frequented trails and spectacular views. It's a good place to discover the Yellow Mountains. (Every year from December till late March, West Sea Canyon is closed to tourists because of snow and maintenance.)


4. Stay on the Mountain

Chinese tourists get up very early in the morning so that they can visit the essence of Huangshan in one day.  In order to save money, most of them won’t sleep at a hotel on the mountain. So we suggest you can stay on the mountain, and enjoy the early morning and late afternoon (before tour groups come up, and after they are gone).  Plus, you may be lucky to catch a breathtaking sunrise or sunset!


5. Choose a local travel operator and tour guide

A local professional Huangshan tour company will provide you with the latest travel information and guide. The travel consultant will listen to your needs and combine her/his own experience to tailor a Huangshan tour route that suits you best.  Your guide will also help you avoid crowding, save your energy  and fully appreciate the natural beauty of Huangshan during the tour.


6. Our Huangshan Tours for Your Inspiration

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