The Food You Must Try When Visiting Huangshan

Hairy tofu (also known as "Mao tofu"), the traditional special snack of Huizhou, derives its name from white fluff (white mycelium), made by fermentation mould, of about one inch on surface. During the process of fermentation, the protein is broken down into a variety of amino acids, so that is why Huizhou tofu is more delicious than others.


Nowadays, hairy tofu has become an essential local specialty in both large and small Anhui cuisine restaurants of Huangshan. However, the most important of all is how it is served, if possible, we suggest you just go to the local alleys to find those street vendors who carry the dry sticks on one side of the cart and hairy tofu on the other side. If you taste the hairy tofu that fried with authentic rapeseed oil and poured with chilli boh beside the cart while frying, better with a swallow of bear, you may immediately know what is called happiness. Now, it is hard to find such an original hairy tofu cart, however, under the ancient camphor tree in Da Mei Kou village of Huizhou Shexian, you can also eat the most authentic and traditional hairy tofu.


Hairy tofu of the street vendor under the ancient camphor tree in the Da Mei Kou village of Shexian is fried with the most veritable traditional rapeseed oil, and uses dry pine as the fuels. This business has been inherited by four generations for nearly two hundred years.


Wang Guoding, 78 years old, is the fourth generation of hairy tofu successors in Da Mei Kou village. Upon arriving at the camphor tree in the village, you will be tempted by the delightful aroma of rapeseed oil-fried tofu. With the magic sound of “zi la”, the hairy tofu becomes golden yellow in the pan to make itself more appetizing. After the tofu is dripped with chilli boh, eaters can feast on this delicacy.


There are many people eating Wang's hairy tofu even when they were kids in Da Mei Kou village. It owns a group of faithful customers, what's more, some senior food aficionados in town always drive here to satisfy their appetites.


Wang's hairy tofu in Da Mei Kou has been inherited for four generations. In line with the tradition, the most obvious features are tender and fresh. As tender as snow is the best phrase to express what you see inside the yellow cracking. "After eating the hairy tofu here, we might hold in contempt of those in the city" said villagers.


When the tofu-lovers melt away contentedly, Mr. Wang Guoding will play bamboo clappers, then the ringing rapping of "click click" will attract another group of foodies successively.


Mr. Wang said, "The children are not willing to do this, the business will end up here."
Looking at the limp figure of the humpbacked old man, we are sorry to hear that the ambrosia – Wang's hairy tofu of Da Mei Kou will be the historical memory.