Reviews from Mr.Bruce



TOUR DATE: Aug 23,2014

ITINERARY: 15 Days Fujian Children Reunion Heritage Tour

Hi Alice,

Sorry for the delay in responding, but we have been quite busy since we returned to the US.  Thank you so much for all your help on our trip.  We had a great time.  Also, in regards to my request to change my daughter's flights--I was able to call China Eastern airlines directly, and they were able to change the flights from Xian to Hong Kong for 300 RMB each!  So, we were able to get them home for their grandmother's funeral!  Below are answers to your questions, and I will also recommend your agency on TripAdvisor.

1. Why choose Lead to China tours as your China trip operator?  I did many internet searches, and Lead to China had some of the better prices, and appeared to be a knowledgable and dependable company to use.  Also, Lead to China seemed to have experience with adoptive families.

2. Regarding the China adoption heritage trip, which do you concern the most?  We were anxious about all of the details of travel and making our connections, but everything worked well.  

3. Which arrangement you are not satisfied or very satisfied during your China trip?  We have no real complaints.  All our guides were excellent, on-time, and knowledgable.  Our drivers were also excellent.  We always felt safe and welcomed.  The hotels were all comfortable and met our needs.  Thank your for suggesting only two people per room!

4. Usually, how long in advance did you begin to plan your adoption return trip?  We started planning this trip about 6-7 months in advance.

5. Do you have any suggestions to enhance tour service qualities or make a better tour arrangement?  Some of the guides were soft-spoken, and all of us were not able to hear what the guides had to say.  Maybe for larger groups, using an electronic device to amplify the guide's voice would be nice.  

Thank you again.  Our trip was amazing, and the trip to the orphanage was priceless.  We are so glad we made the effort to travel to China.  I hope we can return again someday.

Bruce Heyen