Reviews from Mr.Mohammad.

CLIENT NAME: Mr.Mohammad.

NATIONALITY: Kingdom of Saudi Ara

TOUR DATE: Dec 27,2010

ITINERARY: 15 Days Fujian Children Reunion Heritage Tour

Good after noon Sir.  
How are you?? Hope everything is good.  
I just want to give my impression about the trip.  
Thank you very much it was a wonderful trip.  Me and my family spent a great time in China.  
As well, we have some notes.  
First Beijin; Everything was delightful, food was delicious and resturants were very clean and the guidest (Susan) was very helpful, cooperative and friendly and most of all felxible.  
Second Chendue; it was good, but not what we expect.  The tourist palces were very good, acctually were excelent, but the food was not good.  The resturants we went too were very local, very cheap and the staff are not familiar with the tourist.  The guidest who call herself Weny or (Venny) was not that much of cooperative.  Basically, she was not flexible.  She was insisting on her opinion even if we did not agree her then, after she feeling our upset she changes her mind, but after having a fight between me and my family.   And we relized another thing that all the guidests gave us their evaluation, but not her.  I guess, she felt that we won't wright about her mistakes and about our upset.  
Third Guilin, again everything was excellent in resturant, shows and the toursit palces.  and the guidist (Liza) als was very good and friendly, but again you told us that all the tourist places we are going to enter are already paid, but there is one place with Liza she made us pay for it, but when we got out from the place we discovered that she took double price for each one of us ( the enernce fees were 50 rmp for the person and she took 100 for each) I mean she robbed us.  
These were the advantages and disadvantges of the trip, but mostly, the trip was very cheerful and wonderful.  The shows were magnificent.  Hotels were excellent.   Transportations were very neat and good.  I do not think even the words I had mentioned describes our impression about the trip, but as I mentioned there was some of the disadvantges I think you should consider in the next time you arranging a trip for us, which I hope to be soon.  Thank very much for cooperation and great planning.