Reviews from Ms.Shelley



TOUR DATE: Aug 23,2013

ITINERARY: 17 Days Historical, Modern, Natural, Cultural Cities Budget Tour

Dear Alice,Greetings from Washington, D.C.!  We have indeed returned from our trip to China and  we could not have been more happy with our experience.  You did a terrific job planning and preparing this travel itinerary for us, and it all went very smoothly.  We didn't have any moment of concern or doubt throughout the trip.  I particularly enjoyed meeting and talking with each of the tour guides that you arranged to meet us at every stop along our trip - every guide was very knowledgeable, informative, helpful and so easy to talk with.  The highly proficient level of English spoken by all of the guides was very impressive and added to our ability to ask questions and understand the culture and history of each region so much more. Although it is hard to pick out any one guide for excellence, I would have to say that I most enjoyed our tours in Xian and Guilin, in large part because of the wonderful tour guides we met in each of those cities.  Ernest and Bruce in Xian were both very informative and helpful, and made an excellent team as guide and driver.  We also just adored our guide, Emily, in Guilin, who was so patient and kind. We feel very lucky to have met with such wonderful guides during our time in China. We were also pleased that our guide in Tibet was willing to revise the schedule of the other tour groups to ensure that we were able to attend part of the Shonton Cultural Festival at the Norbulinka, as that was a main reason for our trip to Tibet.  Although, overall, I was disappointed with the high-level of commercialized development that has occurred in Lhasa, it was a dream come true for me to finally visit Tibet and I can't thank you enough for ensuring that we had the proper entry visa for that part of our trip.  While reliable internet and Wi-Fi services were often difficult to find in  many of the hotels we stayed at throughout China, it was nice to be able to "dis-connect" from my work while on this vacation, so this was probably a good thing ultimately. It certainly did not detract from our enjoyment, as we found so many ways to occupy our time and keep busy.  We also brought back many wonderful treasures from each stop along the way to help remember our time in China.    Overall, I absolutely fell in love with China and the many wonderful people we met there.  I can't thank you enough for the excellent job that you did in helping us to arrange this once in a lifetime adventure!  I am only sorry that we weren't able to meet you and thank you in person for the excellent service that you provided to us.  We will definitely recommend your Lead To China travel services to our friends and colleagues! Warmest regards,  Shelley R. Wieck