Reviews from Ms. Rosemarie

CLIENT NAME: Ms. Rosemarie


TOUR DATE: Jul 18,2012

ITINERARY: 11 Days China Tour with Yangtze River

Hi Ted and Fiona,
Received the refund, thank you.
Just to clarify some things.  I paid for the extra pick up in Beijing.  As far as Shanghai is concerned, our complete itinerary with flights, etc. were sent.
 As I previously stated, some of your guides were excellent.  Their knowledge, willingness and help were more than we could have expected.  It was just the one guide who I felt knew nothing.  Sorry for calling him an idiot, but he was certainly not too bright and constantly talked about spicey girls, which as a woman was insulting, and it was mentioned to him on numerous occasions.
  The cruise was certainly not up to any standard that we were used to and they treated the foreigners like we were just that.
Food was scarce when the hoards of Chinese decended on the buffet, and the food was never refilled.
 Will I come back to China?  At this point I would say no, but life has a way of changing, so who knows.
 Fiona, was helpful and prompt i