Reviews from Mr.Lev Samovski

CLIENT NAME: Mr.Lev Samovski


TOUR DATE: Jun 01,2011

ITINERARY: 6 Days Beijng Shanghai Muslim Tour

Good day Olivia !
Now after a little time that gave me opportunity to put in order my filings I can express my remarks on my tripIn general it was exiting agnd first of all thanks to CHINA- it is incredible and was on top of all my expectations.
I want to take back my words about the man guide Tom was exellent from all points of view Hi was so professional very modest and
personally pleasant Hi answered all my needs and wishes  and accurately went through the itinerary and even sometimes out of it/
The same I, unfortunately,  cannot say about Ann.
Very nervous very, ambicious, trying always to obtrude her opinion from the first day of my arrival she changed the itinerary to 180 degrees and took me after 16 hours way to Beijing to Badaling  I was tired and didnt enjoy this tour. All her guidance I feeled as she tries to shorten the allotted time of the day tour.She didnt take me to Qianmen street explaning that it is not on the way to Luilichang and at the Lulichang she expressed so deep displasure of my visiting every shop that on the half of the street I decided to finish.As I know the guide is for tourist and not the tourist is for guide/ This quotation , I think, Ann must study when she tried to fuinish four day Beijing tour in three days and to offer  me some extra tours .And i also don't like  talks on tips The guides relations whith the company is not my business and  I paid enough for private tour to be shielded from such talks By the way the  driver in Beijing Mr SU was excellent.
All my not very good  impressions on Beijing private  tour have been erased by BEIJING itself -its beauty its people its charm  Any way thanks for the tour.