Reviews from Mr.PETRA



TOUR DATE: Feb 09,2012

ITINERARY: 13 Days Chinese Essence Minority Standard Tour

Dear Olivia,
after our great journey through China we have now returned to Munich. We are very impressed of all the wonderful and interesting things we have seen thanks to your programme!
As it might be helpful for you to read some remarks and recommendations, we have made a little summary of our personal impressions and adventures in China:
Bejing we enjoyed a lot - Eddie is a great tour guide who showed us not only our programme's highlights but fulfilled all our other sightseeing whishes and requests. We learned a lot about Bejing's and China's culture and history. The hotel's quality met our expectations: We had a great time - thank you!
In Xi'an we were really impressed by the Tang Dynasty Art Garden hotel's wonderful Chinese style and our nice room! It seemed to us, however, that the hotel is not yet accustomed to having many tourists from western countries, as most of the housekeeping and service staff does not speak English, and also breakfast is adapted predominantly to Chinese taste.
During our programme in Xi'an we experienced some unexpected events. Firstly, we were sad that our biking tour on the city wall could not take place: From a signboard at the entrance we learned that from december to march there are no bikes on the Xi'an city wall. So we had a little walk on the wall, without our guide Katie who did not want to accompany us. She also refused to ascend the Wild goose pagoda with us, telling us that she had sore feet, had been to the pagoda already and therefore knows it, and asking us to read the explanations in English (which we, actually, could not find in the pagoda).
On the last day of our visit to Xi'an we thought that there would be enough time to take a short glimpse into prehistoric museum (Banpo); so we asked Katie to make a stop there on our way to the Terracotta army. As this was not part of our programme, we, of course, agreed to pay the entrance fee additionally. On our way to the
prehistoric museum Katie told us that she wanted to buy the tickets for us and asked us to give her 90 CNY fee per person. Unfortunately, neither she nor the driver were able to find the Banpo museum after we had told her that we would buy the tickets by ourselves. So we had to go on without seeing the museum. (In the internet we now found that from December to February the Banpo museum's entrance fee would be 25 CNY per person.) We finished our visit to the Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum at about 4 pm and went directly to the airport.
Shanghai was a great experience! Our guide Jocelyn, whom we liked from the very beginning, gave us many interesting explanations and facts about Shanghai, she took us to the Jade Buddha Temple, the Yuyouan Garden, the Bund and the Oriental Pearl Tower. The Acrobatic Show in the evening was really breathtaking, and we had enough time to do a lot of shopping. We had a really good stay, thanks to your programme and Jocelyn's guiding skills.
So, in summary, we found our time in China very interesting and your Golden Tour programme comprehensive and arranged well. Sometimes we were thinking that it might have been useful for us to have a more detailed time schedule of the programme's events in order to plan our off-programme activities. We also thought that it could be advantageous for museum visits to choose time gaps during wich there is a higher possibility of lower visitor numbers (e.g. lunch time or, maybe, immediately after opening?).
We hope that these remarks and ideas will be useful for your further business activities.
Eddie and Jocelyn we have asked to give us their e-mail-addresses in order to mail them some of our joint pictures.
We are very content with your services and will be pleased to recommend your company to our friends and partners. Best regards
Helena Lautner
Gertraud Rieger
Petra Schmidt